Special lubricants are necessary for automatic transmissions. These are special transmission oils with special viscosity and friction properties. It is imperative to pay attention to performance classes of vehicle and / or transmission manufacturers.


  • GM (Genereal Motors) DEXRON II, III or VI
  • Ford MERCON V, SP or LV
  • Allison C4
  • Chrysler Mopar ATF + 3 or +4
  • Mercedes-Benz 236.x
  • MAN type 339 xx
  • Voith H 55.6335.xx or H 55.6336.xx
  • VW G052162 or G052182
  • ZF TL-ML xx

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Innovative automatic transmission oil, manufactured on the basis of high-quality synthetic base oils and sophisticated additive technology, which give the product a very high level of performance and fuel-saving properties. It complies with the latest OEM specifications for automatic transmissions and is recommended for use in modern, highly efficient 8-speed automatic transmissions that are subject to heavy loads.

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