Total Fluidmatic DCT MV

Total Fluidmatic DCT MV

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Innovative dual clutch transmission oil, manufactured on the basis of high-quality synthetic base oils and sophisticated additive technology. The product meets the requirements of the leading dual clutch transmission manufacturers such as BorgWarner (installed in vehicles of the VW Group from 2003), Getrag (installed in BMW, MB, Mitsubishi, Ford, Renault, Volvo) and ZF (Porsche).


  • a stable lubricating film that withstands the high shock and pressure loads and guarantees long-lasting protection for all transmission components
  • Stable coefficient of friction characteristic to maintain optimal friction behavior of the clutch system and thus to guarantee perfect power transmission within the prescribed oil change intervals
  • excellent seal compatibility, tested according to the strictest criteria and found to be very good
  • very good wear protection
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