Total Quartz Ineo XTRA Dynamics 0W-20

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• ASTON MARTIN Twin Turbo V12 engines: Approved for factory fill and service fill

• BMW LL-17 FE+ (backward compatible BMW LL14FE+)

• Suitable for FORD WSS-M2C952-A1


TOTAL QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 is an advanced synthetic engine oil of superior performance designed for the newest generation of engines of premium car manufacturers.

Its polar molecules help provide ultimate protection and impeccable cleanliness of the engine.

At the same time, its cutting-edge technology reduces friction to its minimum, contributing to the exceptional fuel economy performance of the engine.

The innovative formulation of TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA INEO DYNAMICS 0W-20 is approved by Aston Martin for factory fill and after-sales for its V12 Twin Turbo engines.

TOTAL QUARTZ XTRA INEO DYNAMICS 0W-20 is approved for use in the BMW group vehicles, whenever BMW LL-17FE+ specification is required. This product is also recommended for use in all engines used in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles requiring the approval STJLR.51.5122. 


• Reduced environmental impact: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 reduces engine deposits and ensures optimal functioning of the Particulate Filters lowering emissions of NOx, CO and particles. It complies with Euro VI emission standards.

• Reduced oil ageing and extended drain interval: Thanks to its superior thermal and oxidation stability.

• Impeccable cleanliness: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 protects engines against all types of impurities and fights against the sludge creation allowing car drivers to optimize the performance of their vehicles over time.

• Reduced running cost and fuel consumption: Its advanced formulation makes TOTAL QUARTZ INEO XTRA DYNAMICS 0W-20 a front-runner that delivers outstanding results, when it comes to fuel economy. Thanks to its outstanding “anti-friction” performance, it delivers 4,01% Fuel Economy on ACEA M111FE test.

• Extra efficient protection at start-ups: Outstanding low temperature performance even at the coldest weather conditions. 

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