Total Quartz Ineo Racing 10W-60

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- ASTON MARTIN V8 naturally aspirated engines: service fill approved

- Meets the technical requirements of BMW M-Series


TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 is the latest top-notch solution for the most demanding needs of the premium car manufacturers. Perfect fit for the latest vehicle models requiring 10W-60 grade, this product meets the viscosity needs, allows for optimal efficiency of modern post-treatment systems, including GPF, whilst keeping engines clean and protected over the long run at the same time.

The product is service-fill approved by ASTON MARTIN for the use in V8 naturally aspirated engines (V8 Vantage all variants 2005-2018 and Vantage GT8) and meets the technical requirements of BMW M-Series.

With the new emission regulation, TOTAL is a pioneer in the offer of a 10W-60 viscosity grade product compatible with post treatment systems (namely GPF). 


• Excellent cleanliness performance: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 protects engines against all types of deposits and fights against the sludge creation allowing car drivers to optimize the performance of their vehicles over time.

• Strong wear protection: Thanks to its strong additive performance and synthetic base oil that also lead a protection against corrosion. These advanced technology base oil bring an exceptional viscosity index and maintains the most resistant oil film even under severe driving conditions.

• High resistance against oxidation: thanks to its antioxidant and base oil, TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 resists to high temperatures, water, acids etc... The viscosity remains stable that allows to keep the engine clean without any deposits of varnish and sludge.

• Excellent thermal stability: thanks to its synthetic base oils, TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 has a wider temperature range than others and thus combine good flow properties at low temperatures and a low volatility at high temperature which considerably decrease oil consumption.

• Compatible with after-treatment systems: Its cutting-edge formulation makes TOTAL QUARTZ INEO RACING 10W-60 an oil of choice when it comes to delivering optimal performances and reducing pollution; thanks to its GPF compatibility. 

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