Shipping terms


We ship within Germany as standard. International shipping possible at higher prices. See below

Standard shipping is DPD standard shipping with prepayment. You can select other shipping options in the ordering process.
International shipping takes place via DPD standard shipping.

Information on calculating the delivery date:

The deadline for delivery begins when payment is made in advance on the day after the payment order has been placed with the transferring bank or, in the case of other payment methods, on the day after the contract has been concluded. It ends at the end of the last day of the period. If the last day of the period falls on a Sunday or on a public holiday recognized by the state at the place of delivery, the following working day takes the place of such a day.

Shipping terms

Your goods are ready for dispatch within 1-2 working days after receipt of the order.
If you have ordered "in advance", the goods will be handed over to the parcel service the next working day after receipt of payment and dispatch clearance.

DPD standard shipping rates Graduation GERMANY:
up to 5,00 kilogram: € 9,90 incl. VAT
up to 10,00 kilogram: € 12,90 incl. VAT
up to 20,00 kilogram: € 14,90 incl. VAT
up to 28,00 kilogram: € 19,00 incl. VAT


DPD Express Shipping Graduation GERMANY
up to 4,50 kilogram: € 27,00 incl. VAT
up to 9,50 kilogram: € 32,00 incl. VAT
up to 19,00 kilogram: € 38,00 incl. VAT
up to 28,00 kilogram: € 48,00 incl. VAT
DPD-shipping-Graduation-FOREIGN COUNTRIES::
This includes the following countries and the following shipping times.

Delivery only within the European Union.

No shipping to Switzerland or Great Britain

  • Belgium (2-4 working days)
  • Denmark (except Faroe Islands, Greenland) (2-4 working days)
  • Estonia (4-5 business days)
  • Finland (except Åland) (4-5 working days)
  • France (excluding overseas territories) (3-4 working days)
  • Ireland (4-5 working days)
  • Italy (except Campione d’Italia, Livigno, San Marino, Vatican City) (3-4 working days)
  • Latvia (4-5 business days)
  • Lithuania (4-5 working days)
  • Luxembourg (2-3 working days)
  • Netherlands (excluding overseas territories) (2-3 working days)
  • Austria (2-3 working days)
  • Poland (4-5 working days)
  • Portugal (except Azores, Madeira) (4-5 working days)
  • Sweden (4-5 working days)
  • Slovakia (4-5 working days)
  • Slovenia (4-5 working days)
  • Spain (except Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla) (4-5 working days)
  • Czech Republic (4-5 business days)
  • Hungary (4-5 working days)
  • further countries on request.
up to 4,00 kilogram: € 17,00 incl. VAT
up to 10,00 kilogram: € 24,00 incl. VAT
up to 20,00 kilogram: € 33,50 incl. VAT
up to 28,00 kilogram: € 45,50 incl. VAT